Our Story

Ola, tudo bem?

I'm Luciana, from Pernambuco, Brazil, where Bolo de Rolo originates. My journey to Australia, fueled by a passion for baking and community, led to creating Sugarloaf Bakehouse.

Sugarloaf is more than a bakehouse; it's a tribute to Brazilian culture and a means of giving back, inspired by my own experiences. Each cake we bake is an authentic taste of Brazilian tradition, made with heart and a reminder of how a little kindness can truly make a big difference.

"We're passionate about perfecting Bolo de Rolo, using high-quality local ingredients and authentic Brazilian guava jam. Our mission is to enrich Australia's culinary scene with this unique cake, sharing a piece of Brazilian tradition with everyone."

At Sugarloaf Bakehouse, our mission is more than baking.

We're committed to empowering individuals facing challenges, fostering a sense of belonging and supportive community. Our delicious, eye-catching Bolo de Rolo is a symbol of this commitment, blending culinary excellence with social impact.

Join us in our mission to "rollvolutionise" Australia's cake scene and make a difference, one cake at a time.