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Guava - The OG

Guava - The OG

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Discover the Original Guava Bolo de Rolo, where our journey began. Enjoy the perfect blend of super thin, buttery cake layers wrapped around a sweet and tangy guava filling. Each slice offers layers of soft, golden cake, ready to melt in your mouth.

Tasting notes and texture

Tasting notes: Guava Bolo de Rolo features rich, buttery layers with a hint of caramelized, toasty flavor from browned butter and sugar. The guava jam adds a bright, tangy contrast.

Texture: The cake has thin, delicate layers that melt in your mouth, punctuated by a satisfying crunch from sugar crystals.

Dimensions and servings

NOTE: This is an artisanal product. Weight and sizes might vary slightly.

280 - 300g: 4-5 servings. Approx 10cm long x 7cm diameter. Optional toppings: 120g guava jam

480g - 500g: 6-8 servings. Approx 15cm long x 7cm diameter. Optional toppings: 120g guava jam

960g - 1kg: 12-16 servings. Approx 20 cm long x 9 cm diameter. Optional toppings: 240g guava jam


Flour, Butter, Eggs, Sugar, Guava jam.

Contains gluten, eggs and dairy.

By buying this product you accept our Allergen Policy

Cake Care

Your Bolo de Rolo is ready to enjoy right away, best at room temperature.

For storage, keep it in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 7 days, refrigerate for 2 weeks, or freeze for 2 months. Wrap well before refrigerating or freezing.

Thaw frozen cake overnight in the fridge, then let it sit at room temperature for 3 hours before serving. Do not refreeze.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Danielle Varizo de Castro
The perfect bolo de rolo

From customer service to product presentation and delivery, Sugarloaf is just flawless. When it comes to flavour, one of the best I’ve ever had and I was a big bolo de rolo consumer back home. The right amount of elements makes it just perfect.

Childhood favourite!

I'm over the moon in finding someone that can make my favourite childhood cake but in Australia!! This cake takes a loooot of patience and skills to make it and this is perfect just like my childhood memories!

Camila Esteves

The OG - Guava


All three flavours are incredible! The guava reminded me of home and the chocolate and dulce de leche are super tasty!

Raquel Dillon
De Pernambuco pra Austrália

Fiquei felicíssima de saborear a herança cultural e gastronômica de Pernambuco bem aqui em Adelaide. O bolo é uma delícia e comparável aos melhores de Recife! Me levou pra casa na primeira mordida. 🌈☀️